Notes / Miscellaneous Material

The Sidney Villere Papers include extensive research notes, plus newspaper articles and various ephemera.

Sidney Villere’s Bibliography of Creole Culture in Louisiana During and After the Civil War (“The War Between the States”)

Kernion Speech to Louisiana Colonials

Genealogy: Avart (Kernion notes)

Genealogy: Trepanier (Kernion/French)

Kernion Notes (crumbling)

Some of Sidney Villere’s original research papers are deteriorating (sample shown here), but fortunately much of this information is replicated in other manuscript copies.

Genealogy: Gayarré (Kernion)

Genealogy: Villemont (Kernion/French)

Genealogy: Neuville (Kernion/French)

Genealogy: Boulliau (Kernion/French)

Genealogy: Evéguen (Kernion/French)

Genealogy: Fortier (Kernion)

Genealogy: Labranche (Kernion)

Genealogy: Villiers, Kernion, Rousseau, Garidel, Gustaves, Gaudel, Baqué, Willoz, Lacoste, Elliot  (Clara Garidel)

Banquet Invitation (1954) – Institut d’Histoire de L’Amérique Française